We Are Ready.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community of professionals at all stages of their careers, potential employers, professional associations, volunteers and under-represented groups.

We provide networking, professional development, and informal mentoring opportunities to individuals including, but not limited to, Engineering, Technology and Science.

Our Events

Our events include informal Coffee Nights, networking sessions and professional development workshops. You will find dates and details of our upcoming events on the website.

Our Members


Our members are people in the early stages of their career and students trying to find their niche, while marketing themselves to a potential employer.

The uniqueness of MentorUP is in our informal mentoring system. We invite mentors – industry professionals to attend our events, share their experiences with young specialists and help protégé pursue career growth. Through this interaction, mentors give their advice and help our members to build career strategies, develop professional relations, and gain greater understanding of various professions.