Member Profile Highlight - Brian Nogaro

Member Profile Highlight - Brian Nogaro

In this profile, we highlight previous MentorUP volunteer Brian Nogaro.  Nogaro is currently a Sales Manager at Liberty Security. He was involved with MentorUP for 1.5 years and held the executive position of Communication Manager within the group.


MentorUP: Why did you volunteer with MentorUP?

Brian Nogaro: (I) volunteered with MentorUP to enhance my network of willing mentors in Edmonton.


MU: How has MentorUP helped you with your career?

BN: MentorUP has helped me get in front of rooms of people, public speaking, leadership opportunities, managing people and events, which gave me the confidence when taking on these tasks in my professional life.


MU: What are some tips you can give to early-career professionals for their personal/professional development?

BN: I would recommend every young professional to choose growth opportunities over pay. The amount of discomfort you’re willing to put yourself through will come back to you in direct proportion in personal growth.


MU: How do you think MentorUP has been benefited from mentors (you, specifically)?

BN: I think all mentors appreciate people who are willing to seek out positive professional influences. Mentoring young professionals helps give me direction on how to manage my staff,


MU: What is one thing you find most essential in a mentor-mentee relationship?

BN: For a mentor-mentee relationship to be sustainable, a personal connection with both parties needs to be present. 


MU: Why would you recommend volunteering with MentorUP?

BN: I would recommend volunteering with MentorUP for anyone that wants to grow their professional network and step out of their comfort zone.

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