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Utilize the power of multimedia and videography in your professional life

  • TEC Edmonton 10230 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB, T5J 4P6 Canada (map)

Join us and Luc T. Bouchard for an hour of free workshop (followed by networking) on the power of multimedia and videography to stand out as a professional in your field. Learn about ideas to boost your career profile.

After completion of 1-hour workshop, participants will walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of how video and other multi-media imagery can be used to advertise their professional skills
  • Simple tricks that can be used to clearly demonstrate their knowledge and mastery
  • How to use video to leverage their personal brand
  • A sound understanding of the four key components of a compelling video message

Information about the speaker, Luc T. Bouchard:

Owner of Bare Bones Video Productions, Executive Producer and Message Crafter Luc T. Bouchard has produced well over 350 videos across three YouTube channels, and started an online course: “Producing High Performance Video Content: The GPS to loyal audiences; 4 essential mechanisms” which has 5600+ students from 130 countries and is on Luc’s most watched video has 33 K views and gets on average 19 views a day.

For more information, please head to Bare Bones Video Production’s website.

Video Links:

Below are links to a presentation Luc conducted at Konica Minolta on December 8, 2017

  1. The only reason anyone has a video presence on the internet (length: 49 seconds):
  2. What video affords you as a business owner or entrepreneur (length: 60 seconds):
  3. What it takes to have an outstanding video message (length: 96 seconds):
  4. The myth of a poor attention span (length: 60 seconds):
  5. It’s all about being relevant to your target audience (length: 46 seconds):