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An introduction to the Alberta Clean Tech ecosystem and Exponential Technologies

The discussion will focus on the services available to support Albertans to develop and work in the growing clean technology (“cleantech”) sector. We have invited speakers to give insight on global connections, different government and private initiatives, as well as local entrepreneurs to share their experience. During this event, representatives from Singularity University will introduce the future landscape of global learning and innovation using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.



Jessica Ambler, Sector Development Officer, Emerging Technologies, Technology Partnerships and Investments Branch, Economic Development and Trade

GreenSTEM –GreenSTEM is an emissions-focused entrepreneurial pilot program for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Masters and Ph.D. graduates.

David Lynch, General Manager, Research and Development, Enerkem

David Lynch has over 20 years of experience in the development of new products and processes, as well as directing facility operations. Currently, he manages the operations and activities of Enerkem’s pilot and laboratory facilities in Alberta. Research activities include conversion of heterogeneous feedstock to syngas and scalable advanced bio-products.

Representative for SingularityU Canada Summit

SingularityU empowers a global community to develop and implement solutions that harness and advance exponential technology. Building on the success of the first SingularityU Canada Summit, we are expanding the conversation and sharing the best of Canadian and international technology. Learn about the transformative impact that technologies like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and digital medicine will have on our lives and our world.

More speakers to be announced soon – stayed tuned!!

Time: 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Location: TBA

Cost: $10


5:30 Registration

6:00 Opening Statements

6:10 Speaker Introductions

7:00 Q/A

7:45 Networking

This event will also feature representatives from the upcoming SingularityU Summit, in partnership with Technology Alberta, to be held in Edmonton in April 23-24 at the Edmonton Convention Centre.  A great opportunity to introduce individuals and companies to the SingularityU movement. Singularity University is a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build a better future for all. Singularity University Summits have been held in major cities around the word for over 10 years, and participants have stated their experiences have been transformative.  Learn more about the summit here