Current Opportunities


Mentor relations team member

The Mentor relations team member assists the team with:

  • Recruit new mentors/advisors for MentorUP and help keep them engaged
  • Help the team establish an engagement strategy for mentors and metrics to measure the progress
  • Communicate directly with the mentors on a regular basis (mainly via e-mails)
  • Maintain the existing lists and documents with mentor’s profiles
  • Support the team in organizing Coffee Nights (mentor-mentee event)

Mentee relations team member

  • The Mentee relations team member assists the team with:
  • Inform members who are interested to find a mentor about mentors involved with MentorUP
  • Connect mentees with mentors with similar profiles
  • Develop and maintain advertising material to inform mentees
  • Support team at events with booth for connecting mentors with mentees

This position is great for someone looking for a mentor within their profession, skills improvement in particular in communication (written, spoken), organization, and professional networking.


Photographer supports MentorUP Edmonton communication team by:

  • Attending events and taking pictures for the website and newsletter
  • Collecting consent of photographed attendees for publishing their photos at our Social Media
  • Sending the best pictures to Social Media and newsletter chief editor wthin the week after the event
  • Taking special pictures if requested (e.g. portraits of executives or mentors for website, Christmas group picture, etc.)

No special camera or previous experience required. This position is ideal for people who want to create a portfolio as photo reporter, and is open to anyone who loves to take pictures.

Partnership Manager

The partnership manager assists the association with:

  • Finding and enlisting companies to attend our annual mixer event according to the chosen theme
  • Establishing a strategy that will support ongoing communication with our partners
  • Finding speakers for MentorU events and industry mixers

This position is a fantastic chance to create a huge professional network in Edmonton which can provide various career opportunities along the way. Networking, organization, and communication skills (spoken and written) will be improved and developed at this position.

Newsletter Chief Editor

The newsletter Chief Editor is responsible for the following:

  • Attending MentorUP Edmonton events and write summary of each event
  • Asking speakers/mentors for their bios and permissions to appear in the newsletter
  • Keeping the e-mail list of subscribers to the newsletter up to date
  • Using MailChimp to organize and publish the communication with members

This position is ideal for people who want to challenge themselves by becoming an author and publisher. Leadership, management, organization, and writing skills can be developed or learned at this position. This position gives an opportunity to create a solid portfolio for an article writer.